The principal aim of the project is to demonstrate the environmental possibilities of textiles with photocatalytic activity in terms of decontamination of urban atmospheres.

In order to consider the depollution of air in urban environments, this initiative takes advantage of the technical opportunities offered by:

  • The textile architecture industry
  • The current advances in technology of photocatalysis

The effectiveness of the photocatalytic textiles regarding air depollution has been studied under laboratory conditions (EUPHORE simulation chamber) and under real conditions by installing some of the textiles prototypes developed (awnings and wall coverings) in different urban locations at Quart de Poblet City (Valencia, Spain) and conducting field measurements before and after the prototypes installation.

Development and characterisation of prototype photocatalytic awnings and wall coverings


PVC fabric treated with a coating of TiO2 on both sides


Acrylic fabric treated with a coating of TiO2


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     Fundación Centro de Estudios Ambientales del Mediterráneo
    CEAM (Spain)

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    Asociación de Investigación de la Industria Textil
    AITEX (Spain)

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     Ayuntamiento de Quart de Poblet (Spain)

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    Legambiente (Italy)

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    Next Technology Tecnotessile (Italy)